Mass Tort Actions Could Be On the Way for Monsanto Over Roundup Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Link

By on Nov 23, 2015 in About glyphosate |

A new spate of claims was launched this month against chemical giant Monsanto Co, over their Roundup herbicide product. A lawsuit comprising three new cases brought about by three different law firms with three different plaintiffs at the Delaware Superior Court this week follows on from new cases in New York and California in October, and this, accompanied by the fact that personal injury lawyers all over the country are now advertising Roundup case evaluations, suggests that mass tort actions could be on the way. Glyphosate The cases hinge upon the statement back in March by the World Health Organization that glyphosate, a main ingredient in the common Monsanto product Roundup, is ‘probably’ carcinogenic to humans. Lawyers who are preparing cases on behalf of potentially hundreds of people believe they have evidence that Monsanto knew that glyphosate was not safe for use,...