SecuGen Reader Integrated With SAP by Realtime

By on Nov 23, 2015 in Biometrics applications |

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Biometrics applications continue to accelerate in popularity in a variety of mechanisms and industries. From secure protocols in financial and law enforcement industries to the need for personal security in smartphones, biometrics is a hot topic for many. There have been a variety of advancements in this area in recent years, but employers and employees who desire to have better-functioning integration in common work practices will be pleased to know that there is a new development now available. SecuGen recently announced that its latest reader will now integrate completely with SAP by Realtime.

Enter the Hamster Pro 20
SecuGen, a prominent vendor of biometric and optical fingerprint device equipment, announced its state of the art fingerprint reader in October. The Hamster Pro 20, designed like most biometrics solutions as a way to prevent fraud, secure systems and verify user identity, follows a long line of biometrics solutions by the company. Entirely useful in multiple applications, businesses across all industries will likely see reason to upgrade their existing biometrics solutions in order to incorporate the Hamster Pro 20. What makes this particular product so useful is its integration into the most advanced corresponding software available to end-users.

Complete Product Integration
SAP, the pre-eminent certification agency for total workplace integration, helps businesses determine which solutions are ideal for connecting various departments and functions together. SAP has certified Realtime’s Biolock service for use in this process, and it is the only such service being given the certification. The Hamster Pro 20 recently received the distinction as being one of a few devices to be certified by SAP and integrated into Biolock’s functionality, making it a hot-topic item among biometrics analysts and businesses that value security above the rest. With such developments likely to impact the overall chances of success of the Pro 20 on the market, short-term shortages in the product may arise due to demand.

Other Badges of Honor

Being recommended by government agencies that pride themselves on security helps influence the free market’s buying decisions in areas such as biometrics. Businesses considering an upgrade to the Hamster Pro 20 will be happy to know that the FBI recently gave the device its FAP 20 certification. An even more difficult standard to meet is the GSA’s Approved Products List, which handles security and other government operations for the Secret Service and more. The Hamster Pro 20 is now on this list as well, meaning that it has truly passed the security test as far as biometrics integration products are concerned.

Product Advantages
Being small, durable and incredibly functional, the Hamster Pro 20 meets many criteria for workspaces that many not be clean, safe or easy to access. The overall speed and image quality that the device produces for its users means there will be less wasted efficiency for businesses that need to identify individuals in rapid succession. Since biometrics adoption is largely based on the ability of products to function easily and seamlessly in the workspace, the Hamster Pro 20 helps ease many concerns for CEOs and managers in these areas.